Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams
Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams 

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Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign number:  201503

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The Holiday Helper Association would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who make this endeavor possible.  Providing assistance to our military during the holiday season or during critical times is the least we can do for those who sacrifice so much. 


The Holiday Helper Association ensures that



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Wounded Warriors / The Fisher House at McGuire Veterans Hospital

Holiday Helper also provides toys and gifts for military members who are at McGuire Veterans Hospital due to injury or illness.  Their family members residing at the Fisher House will be offered the opportunity to shop at the Fort Lee toystore or Holiday Helper will bring the age appropriate toys and gifts to them. Other Wounded Warriors in need of assistance are also able to take advantage of the Holiday Helper Program.

 This is a very special part of what Holiday Helper does - Ensuring that these military family's who are facing difficult times, have all they need for their children to have a joyous holiday season. No worries!

For more information regarding our assistance to Wounded Warriors or if you want to help,  call Holiday Helper Board Members at 804-305-7599 or 804-519-3616.

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