Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams
Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams 

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Holiday Helper Association

PO Box 5155

Battle Drive, Bldg 9027

Fort Gregg Adams, VA  23801


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign number:  201503

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Thank you!

The Holiday Helper Association would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who make this endeavor possible.  Providing assistance to our military during the holiday season or during critical times is the least we can do for those who sacrifice so much. 


The Holiday Helper Association ensures that



Photo Gallery - THROUGH THE YEARS! Looking back since 2004.

Please take time to enjoy our photo gallery, taking you back to the early years of Holiday Helper!  Our photographs give insight to the tremendous effort that it takes for the entire community to step up and make this event happen each year, serving approximately 1,200 children annually. 

Donations from across Virginia and neighboring states are taken in to provide support to our Fort Gregg-Adams military!

Below is a look back through the early years of HOLIDAY HELPER...


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