Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams
Holiday Helper at Fort Gregg-Adams 

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Holiday Helper Association

PO Box 5155

Battle Drive, Bldg 9027

Fort Gregg Adams, VA  23801


Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign number:  201503

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Thank you!

The Holiday Helper Association would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who make this endeavor possible.  Providing assistance to our military during the holiday season or during critical times is the least we can do for those who sacrifice so much. 


The Holiday Helper Association ensures that




Ways to Donate

Making a donation to support our military members and their families during the holiday season is easy.


Cash Donations:  

In being good stewards of community donations, our Purchasing Manager seeks sales or discounted purchases offered during the year for various items.  

 In early fall, the Purchasing Manager will establish a team of volunteers to begin the extensive shopping trips to various community stores. 

 To meet the demands of providing toys to more than 1,200 children each year, many shopping excursions will be required. 

 As the nominations come in, a database is compiled to capture the gender and ages of all children.  Our Purchasing Manager knows exactly how many 2 year old boys, for example, we will be providing toys for in any given year and they will ensure that we have the sufficient number of toys available for our military to choose from.

 It also takes a team of volunteers to meet at the store following the purchases to get them all loaded and back to Holiday Helper.


Donations can be mailed to: 



PO BOX 5155

FORT LEE, VA 23801



Gifts in Kind Donations:

Whether it's one individual donating a single toy or a company providing boxes of toys for donation, Holiday Helper volunteers will be ready to get each toy in it's proper place.  If this is your preferred method, see tab Needed Items on the upper left for a list of suggested items.

 For more information or to make arrangements for a drop off, call 804-305-7599, 804-519-3616 or 804-614-8006.



For some, sponsoring needed items for an event, is their preferred method.  Whether it's the variety of foods placed on the table for our military to enjoy when they arrive to shop, providing water, hot chocolate or coffee to have onhand when our units stop by for an early morning toy run or by providing other means of support, it all ends up benefitting our military members, making them feel appreciated by giving them a memorable event to remember for years to come and most importantly, allowing them to remain focused on the mission with the financial burden of the holidays having been lifted. 

 For more information or to make arrangements, call 804-519-3616, 804-305-7599 or 804-614-8006.



The Holiday Helper Association is continuously seeking grants to assist us in a successful mission. 

Currently, we are supported by several companies each year offering grant opportunities.


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